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Estimating the carat weight of gemstones which are already mounted is something which experienced jewellers, pawnbrokers and valuers need to do everyday. Over the past few decades, the equipment to assist them has grown increasingly sophisticated, but now AnchorCert Gem Lab has propelled the process into the 21st century with it's Gemstone Carat Weight Estimator App for smart phones.

AnchorCert Gemstone Weight Estimator App

In a couple of clicks, the AnchorCert Gemstone Weight Estimator can easily calculate the estimated carat weight of diamonds and gemstones from their measurements. The calculation will use the measurement of the length, width and depth of the gemstone (and the minimum and maximum diameter of round brilliant diamonds). AnchorCert Gemstone Weight Estimator App Images The carat weight estimator contains a comprehensive database of diamonds and gemstones, as well as a wide selection of shapes and cuts. The App contains detailed information about each individual gemstone, including it's Specific Gravity, Mohs Hardness and Refractive Index. The App also explains the meaning of those terms. Each gemstone has a colour picture and each shape / cut is illustrated by a facet diagram. The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for a price of £14.99.

AnchorCert Gemstone Weight Estimator App (iPhone and Android QR Codes)

You will wonder how you ever managed without it! The AnchorCert Gemstone Weight Estimator App - definitely the winner on points!




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