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Have you seen this update from the Birmingham School of Jewellery? Read below for more information:

Over the last few months you may have heard or read about the recent exciting developments in an innovative new manufacturing technology called Direct Metal Laser Melting/Sintering (DMLM) being used to manufacture precious metal jewellery.

Perhaps you have heard the term Additive Manufacturing (AM) used in relation to a new way of thinking about the jewellery manufacturing process?

You may even have read about the launch of the Cooksongold Precious M080 DMLS technology  and thought to yourself ‘I really should catch up with what this is all about’.

Well now is your chance and it’s all free!

On the morning of Thursday 20th August 2015 at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, we are holding an information seminar that will lay out in concise detail the various steps a company might wish to contemplate and understand if it were considering exploring the potential of adopting DMLM and AM technologies as part of its product offering.

The seminar will reflect on both the business case and possible alternative business strategies along with a comprehensive listing of the hardware, software and associated processes required for successful implementation of AM into a jewellery business.

The seminar will cover;

  • How the technology works: presented by Cooksongold
  • Designing for the technology: presented by Lionel T Dean of future Factories
  • Support structures, their creation and their uses: presented by Delcam
  • Polishing and finishing procedures: presented by Finishing Techniques Ltd
  • The business case and supply chain scenarios: presented by the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre
  • Concluding with a round table Question and Answer discussion

As an added bonus for attending, we are also holding our ‘Future Technologies’ event on the same day. This is a daylong exhibition of all the latest and best new technologies available to the creative industries so will be your ideal opportunity to catch up on the state-of-the-art in digital technologies ranging from numerous 3D printing technologies to laser scanning and the most up-to-date tooling and casting solutions being offered.

If you would like to attend the DMLM seminar, we do ask that you complete the Event Brite registration at this link to enable us to cater correctly for the attendees.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification please do not hesitate to get in touch with Frank Cooper at or call 0121 248 4587.



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