Protecting the Consumer and Servicing
the Trade with Independence and Integrity

 A seminar led by Academy Director Marion Wilson at IJL this weekend definitely delivered its objective of being thought provoking.

The aim of the seminar was to encourage people at all levels of the supply chain to understand the impact of the issues regarding inconsistent diamond grading and engage in challenging them.

The potential damage to the reputation of the industry was clearly highlighted by examples from  Marie Chalmers of White Pine who buy diamonds back from consumers.

Andrew Hinds of F Hinds and Adam Gillary of SWAG jewellers both outlined the continual challenges they face in maintaining the integrity of their stock and therefore their brand whilst also being competitive.

Harry Levy, shared the benefits of his long experience in the trade by explaining how diamond grades were originally only for use between dealers but had then moved into the retail arena. He particularly emphasised that in terms of value while everyone focussed on the clarity and colour because they are most easily understood in fact the cut is just as important in determining the value, a fact that is often forgotten.

The session proved thought provoking and was well received by a large audience.



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