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New lead changes are guaranteed to get the lead out of your paints… and everything else.

We all remember the significant reductions of Lead in consumer products, whether that was the change to lead in paints or the removal of the additive in fuel.

So, it may surprise the general public if they were aware of the many and varied applications of lead, across their fashion jewellery, clothes and homeware products.

Lead continues to be used in consumer product manufacture for its ability to increase malleability. It’s also used for its ability to pigment textiles and leather.

Lead is a metal which is toxic at very low levels of exposure. It accumulates within the body, so even low quantities can be harmful if you’re exposed to them on a regular basis.

As well as its well-documented negative effects on adult health, lead has also been shown to have highly damaging effects on the intellectual and behavioural development of infants and young children.

Hence the launch of new, more stringent EU legislation, specifically to further protect young children this month (June), which specifically outlines the lead levels and limits allowed for items which could be ‘mouthed’ or ‘sucked’.

This new legislation and new limits, effective from 1 June 2016, covers everything from stationery, shoes and clothes, to interior decorations, key rings, pens and sunglasses.

So, great news for our children and the health of humanity as a whole…

And great changes required for some within their manufacturing supply chain to ensure that they understand and comply with these new limits. 

And that’s where we can help.

At AnchorCert Analytical, we’re already working with clients to identify affected product lines, ensuring that we have the methodology before the official launch date. We’re even running a free seminar this week to provide the context and background of these upcoming changes.


If you’d like to attend a free Lead seminar, or would like our team to visit you and present to you and your team, email us at or call a member of our team on the contact details below.
Tim Smith, Business Development Manager: 0121 262 1036

Vikki Vallender, Business Development Manager: 07702 260895

Steve Franklin, Business Development Executive: 0121 262 1017

Sophie Nicholls, Commercial Assistant: 0121 262 1061 

Looking for a wider grounding in all things consumer protection? We also offer a Consumer Product Safety course through our Academy. This one-day, intensive course is designed for retail buyers and technologists – it’s objective is to provide clarity on the main EU legislative requirements for UK retailers.




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