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AnchorCert Protect, the consumer-facing brand for AnchorCert Analytical’s pioneering testing methodology ‘AnchorCert Pro’, has joined forces with Chlobo to ensure their jewellery is safe for the skin and highly unlikely to cause metal-induced allergic contact dermatitis (MACD).

Developed by the research and development team led by Dippal Manchanda at the AnchorCert Analytical Lab in the Birmingham Assay Office, AnchorCert Pro test identifies and measures in metal articles a suite of elements that may cause allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). The only known testing method that can do this in one single test, the UKAS accredited test offers a solution to growing concerns about the prevalence of ACD particularly in relation to metal-induced allergic reactions.

ACD, which is commonly caused from jewellery, can create itchy or painful skin irritation, skin redness, inflammation and severe rashes, sometimes leaving permanent scarring. According to Allergy UK, allergic reactions affect up to 20% of the global population, with the UK having some of the highest prevalence of allergic conditions in the world.

Doug Henry, Assay Master and CEO of the AnchorCert Group said, “We think of AnchorCert Protect as defining a new standard in allergy protection because it provides customers with sensitive skin, perhaps for the first time, an opportunity to confidently wear metal jewellery without fear of an allergic reaction. We’re very pleased that ChloBo Jewellery, a renowned jewellery company with a keen focus on consumer protection and customer satisfaction,  will be leading the way by setting this standard for their customers and providing a safe haven for those who risk wearing jewellery that could cause them harm or who have to avoid wearing jewellery at all”.

ChloBo Jewellery commented, “We want to ensure we are providing our customers with the best possible products, not only for themselves but for their loved ones too. We are proud to have the AnchorCert Protect stamp of approval against our pieces, to offer that extra peace of mind that when wearing our jewellery customers are protected from any kind of metal allergies. This is particularly important with the launch of our new ChloBo Kids collection”.

ChloBo continued, “We also look forward to welcoming customers that have previously avoided wearing jewellery due to allergies and can now wear ChloBo whilst being safe in the knowledge that it is safe for their skin”.

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