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the Trade with Independence and Integrity

While precious metal prices remain high and the economy struggles, the sale of scrap continues apace. Melting is an art, and the 65 years of experience which melters David Wilding and Russell Clinton share is a huge asset. Every batch is supervised by the same melter throughout, allowing them to check the content of the melt before they start, skim off unwanted material as it rises to the surface, add fluxes to keep the molten metal flowing and control the furnace temperature at all times. The result is a homogenous, well finished bar with an accurate independent report that is recognised and respected worldwide. For all your melting enquiries contact the Laboratory on 0871 871 6020 or email [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="448" caption="L-R: Dave Wilding, Steve Franklin,Tim Smith, Herbie Sisodia, Russell Clinton and Dippal Manchanda"][/caption]



Birmingham Assay Office announces the appointment of Russell Jeans and Andrew Lee as new Wardens.

6th May 2021

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The Birmingham Assay Office launch ‘Hope’ competition as they continue to raise funds for NHS heroes.

17th Mar 2021

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The Birmingham Assay Office seeks new Guardians

16th Feb 2021

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25th Sep 2018

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City of Wolverhampton wins Touchstone Award 2018

8th Jun 2018

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2nd May 2018

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