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The Birmingham Assay Office were proud to be announced as British Jewellers’ Association  Member of the Year at the BJA’s 125th Anniversary Awards held recently  during the Annual Jewellery and Giftware Benevolent Society Ball. The Birmingham Assay Office was also shortlisted for Industry Contributor of the Year which was finally won by Malca Almit. Receiving the Member of the Year Award on behalf of The Birmingham Assay Office, Chief Executive Michael Allchin said “This is a great honour and I am proud and pleased for all the Birmingham Assay Office team who work so hard to make an efficient and helpful contribution to the jewellery industry.  We are always pleased to support the work of the BJA who have helped the industry through many difficult circumstances in the past 125 years. In today’s tough economic climate and rapidly changing market place their role is more important than ever. [caption id="attachment_3744" align="alignleft" width="448"] The Birmingham Assay Office Staff Delighted To Receive The BJA Member Of The Year Award 2012[/caption] The fact that we were nominated for this award and voted for by BJA Members shows that we must be doing something right and it makes the award all the more satisfying. Thank you to all those who participated; we appreciate this vote of confidence and will continue to support the BJA and help it to deliver its objectives whenever we can.” The Birmingham Assay office has worked with the BJA since its inception in 1877 when it pledged money to the new School of Jewellery, created to ensure the industry did not suffer from a skill shortage. The co operation has continued and in the last twelve months the Birmingham Assay Office has done much to promote the BJA and its activities. [caption id="attachment_3747" align="alignleft" width="448"] (L-R: Former Chairman Kay Alexander with International Designer Fei Liu and Penny J. Parkes)[/caption] Highlights included Chairman Kay Alexander attending the Designer Showcase exhibition in conjunction with Fei Lui fine jewellery in Beijing, and the Assay Office loaning its fabulous Warwick vase to add interest and gravitas to the event. Back in the UK the two organisations collaborated on a series of initiatives surrounding the regulation of scrap gold, particularly for the Asian Market and on the international stage the two organisations have worked tirelessly to ensure that the UK’s position is represented and its voice heard on relevant international jewellery bodies such as CIBJO and the Responsible Jewellery Council.    [caption id="attachment_3743" align="alignleft" width="448"] (L-R Michael Allchin receives Member of the Year award from representative of Digital office and Lindsay Straughton -BJA)[/caption] The Birmingham Assay Office has also contributed to the 125th  Anniversary celebrations. A piece was lent to the 125 year showcase exhibition at London Jewellery Show and Chief Executive Michael Allchin addressed guests at the BATF AGM in May and the BJA’s 125th Anniversary event at the House of Commons in November, drawing parallels between current circumstances and those which the BJA have successfully overcome in their long history.  The two organisations look to have many more years of mutual cooperation ahead. For even more pictures from the fabulous night make sure you visit our Facebook page  



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