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The changes to EN 1811, the prescribed method for testing items for compliance with the nickel regulations now included in REACH are inevitably causing problem for the industry throughout the EU. As reported several times previously, the change to the method effectively drastically reduces the compliance level and also introduces a “No Decision” category where items have neither passed nor failed. Despite vigorous campaigning from The Birmingham Assay Office this method has become enforceable but there is now considerable pressure to review it. Italy, France and Germany all voted in favour of the method but their trade representatives are now frantically working with the UK to try to have the method reviewed. A resolution was passed at the international CIBJO conference in May to this effect and a delegation of CIBJO members, including Michael Allchin visited Brussels in late June to urge an immediate review.  Any updates will be posted on our blog but in the meantime the contentious EN1811:2011 remains unchanged.



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