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White Stones

The arrival of man-made gem quality white diamonds on the market has been anticipated for a long time. Exactly what these stones should be called has consumed hours of international debate amongst industry gurus and the diamond supply chain has been busy promoting the incredible beauty, rarity and desirability of natural diamonds in anticipation. Synthetic diamonds in themselves are not a bad thing; they have the same chemical composition and physical beauty as a natural diamond and while an experienced gemmologist, armed with the right high tech equipment can detect a man made diamond by its internal structure, the lucky owner would never know the difference.


However, the crucial point is that the consumer must know what they are buying and pay the appropriate price. The long standing fear that parcels of natural diamonds may become polluted with synthetics which are then very difficult to identify and segregate has become a reality.

AnchorCert’s continuing investment in the necessary equipment to identify synthetics and treatments means they are in a position to provide the reassurance the trade needs.

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Recent reports of “polluted” diamond parcels from major markets around the world has caused consternation and huge concern in the industry.

The supply chain needs to work hard and pull together to retain confidence in the diamond industry and ensure that its credibility is not destroyed by fake or over ambitious diamond certificates. AnchorCert is well equipped to participate in this and an increasing number of customers are submitting stones for confirmation of their origin.

white pink stones

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