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  Nickel items Representatives from Assay Office Birmingham have been working with other members of the trade to resolve the inevitable difficulties created by the amendment to the prescribed nickel release method EN1811:2011. The changes in March 2013, effectively lowered the permitted release level significantly and created an unsatisfactory “no decision” category where articles could not be declared compliant or non compliant. EUflag_yellow Extensive international lobbying, began at the CIBJO Congress in May 2013, and Germany and Switzerland have joined the UK in pushing for change.  The CEN Working Group, responsible for the Nickel Release standard reconvenes in Berlin on 10th April. Ian Bayley will represent the BSI Committee from the UK and welcomes the review of the revised standard, which the UK opposed throughout.  Ian says “A new work instruction is expected be drafted, to amend the way the results are interpreted and possibly removing the ‘No decision’ category. It is envisaged that it will still be at least six months before the standard could finally be changed.” [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240"]Ian Bayley Ian Bayley[/caption] For more information T: 0871 871 6020 or E:



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